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    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
    7:49 pm
    My sympathies and support for My Canadian Friends
    Having spent time in Ottawa, and stopped around Parliament grounds and thinking the Canadian Parliament building in the summer looks like a castle from Final Fantasy, I have nothing but fond memories of Ottawa. I just want to express my sympathies and support to friends in Ottawa, and also Greater Canada. Sorry this happened to you.
    Sunday, October 19th, 2014
    8:11 pm
    25 Years ago today. 1989 Loma prieta earthquake.
    it's been 25 years.. wow. driving home from work as i snuck out early (Security Guard at Apple computer's Santa clara warehouse facility), the rest of the employees had Word series tickets and were gone to candlestick. it was going to be the first "bay bridge Series" (something i predicted in a comic strip 9 months earlier in a comic drawn for the APA alarums & Excursions.)

    Driving up the 101 in my 1970 dodge Dart Swinger (man i loved that car), and the car started to lurch, a lot like what happened when i broke a tie rod a few months earlier. Traffic slowed to a stop. and so did I, well the car stopped rolling forward, but kept moving and lurching. I looked at the car behind me, and the driver in an old Chevy had her hands on the wheel and her eyes as big as plates. I popped the driver's door and put a foot onto the grooved pavement of 101, and was the ground lurching. Palmtrees beyond the soundwall around Fair Oaks , or Mathilda were swaying wildly, and the center divider was rippling like a high tension cable struck by a hammer. The rolling settled down and people started to drive again. Passing by where the Northbound 85 sweeps over and onto `101, back then was a dirt hill, and there was a large cloud of dust around it.

    Listening to Live 105, The Dj announced that there was a massive shaker rolling through San Francisco, that there was glass all over the streets, and he would get word after he played some music just put on word Rap, by The Tom Tom Club, and after a few verses, the record slowed down and stopped. punching my presets gave me Not radio from San Francisco at all. Rock Radio KOME 98.5 was still broadcasting from San Jose, and they ere fielding calls from folks including a DJ of theres (Gino Mitchellini?) Who had gone off shift earlier and was sitting in traffic and had seen the cypress structure vanish in a puff of dust in his Rear view window. My first thought was "That this was the big one". Even more so when radio reports came in from Oakland about the collapse and word that the bay bridge had partially collapsed.

    My mental images was of the bridge towers askew, and the roadbed strung like a wet shoelace over them like in all those disaster paintings. I got home. and found my roomie was still checking for damage. we lost a picture off the wall, a soccer trophy, and some cracks in the wall. and no power. well with no power, the roomie, (the late) marc Gallien and I started pulling perishables out of the fridge and making a barbeque. The cooking was well underway when mom got home. The rest of the family came in in dribs and drabs, with my father, and the Roomie's mother arriving late. There was no power, and it got dark fast. Roomie's mother, barbara told a harrowing story of driving south on surface streets after witnessing brick walls having crushed cars South of Market street in San Francisco, and having to take surface streets (El camino) home, as the freeway bridges were all closed for inspections.

    With the news repeating itself, over and over, on the battery operated TV dad brought out from the camper van, and the distinct lack of power, there was little to do but eat and then go to bed. but thankfully all of my family was safe. I had friends that were going to UC Santa Cruz at the time. William Moss, and Bryce Nakagawa, and i later got some stories from them, but later as it would be a few days before things would even approach normalcy there.

    The next day i was called into work, to escort Apple employees through a rixckety and creaking "Laurelwood one" building, as our supervisors became more short tempered and strident and the employees became more frazzled. A huge fishtank had exploded on an upper floor and the cascading water has fried a server cluster on the lower floor, and the mains from the sprinkler system had filled the grease traps in the cafeteria, so the whole building smelled or rot. I didn't go back to my normal post for a couple fo days, but when we did we found that the pallet racks that were oriented with the short axis NE/SW had buckled and filled the floor 3 feet high with Macintosh manuals. The racks oriented with their Long axis NE/ SW stayed put, so none of the hardware stored there was damages. but the gas lines had leaked and filled the buildings with the scent of natural gas.

    It took a while to rebuild, but not that long, and once the elevated structure were removed from oakland and San Francisco, those neighborhoods improved dramatically.
    A few years later Bryce M Nakagawa, and I and some others went down to Los angeles a scant week or two after the 1994 northridge Earthquake, but that's a story for another time.

    Sunday, October 12th, 2014
    11:56 am
    Bethany College Swedes 21, Southwestern Mountain Builders 16 (Still in Kansas).
    Yesterday, my late father's best friend thought I should get out of the house, and took me to a local College football game. The sky was crystal clear, and the temps were in the 60's as Gilbert H, and I climbed the wooden stand amid a see of college faces and Bethany Blue and Gold. The smell of popcorn was in the air, as well as the sound of the band tuning up, and the P.A. occasionally playing snatches of Music. finding our seats, we have a clear view across the field at around the 35 yard line. Apparently, highschool games, using the same field, are more well attended than the college games, but the previous night (Friday, October 10th), the High School had been stomped. This Saturday though, it was the College Homecoming game, so there were lots of students.

    the teams took the field about 10 minutes after our arrival, and a U.S. Army band, played the National Anthem, and then it was time for the kick off. This was not NFL, or NCAA quality football, though. Neither team had much of a passing game, and the few times they did try, the passes were incomplete, or intercepted, so generally, the game was mostly a running game, which made things dependent on defense. Bethany's defense was pretty good...


    There were a few penalties int he first half. and two broken limbs. But the second half, the Southwestern mountain builders gained more yards from Bethany penalties and personal fouls than from their running game. It was sloppy, somewhat undisciplined football. The refs were mostly on top of things, but missed a couple of clear cases of holding on the part of Southwestern. The crowd didn't though and the shouts from the stands were mighty. Neither team had much of a passing game, but each team maybe had two successful long passes, but generally, the risk of interceptions and not handling the stress of being menaced by opposing linemen caused a lot of scampering on the parts of the quarterbacks.

    it was definitely a family affair, as it wasn't just students but towns people happy to fork over $6 for an afternoon's entertainment. the stands were crawling with little kids, and families sat together and cheered and yelled. it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, and get out of the house.

    Te Final Score was the bethany College "Swedes" 21, and the Southwestern "Mountain Builders" 16.
    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
    9:36 pm
    Heading off to Kansas in the Morning.
    l be leaving Via Burbank airport to Kansas for the Month of October. If I take any pictures, I'll try to post them here. If not I'll do some updates tomorrow.
    Basically this will be a repeat of april, where I helped mom organize and gather things up, after the inattention my father's illness and demise caused. But mom is in good spirits these days and busily finishing the restoration of the house, so I will probably be dragooned into doing some back breaking labor for her, but I don't mind, the beds are comfy the house is nice and the meals are good.

    Thursday, September 11th, 2014
    2:47 pm
    13 Years Ago This Morning
    I got a Live journal account in May of 2002. A year after the events of 9-11, I posted what I wrote in the zine "Huzzah!" edited by titanic and martes. It was an art zine, but the couple pages of text st the back of the chapter of "Asheru's Journey", I felt were adequate. we were all friends in that 'zine and it was an exclusive club of artists, hand picked for quality and productivity. we all shared stories, and snippets abut our lives, in those last days of fannish print and at the beginning of the internet as we know it now:

    What I posted 12 years ago

    In the rear view mirror of hindsight. I think that summer may have been my peak. I have never made as much money, or never was as productive as I was that summer. Aftwerwards, I was laid off from The 3do Company the following November, and following that, the company cratered abruptly in the spring, unable to make Payroll and the rest of the company was out ont he street.

    Since then my income has declined even though my 3d skills have Sharpened.

    2D... well i used to draw a lot, now i don't draw much at all.
    After my dad died.. i really haven't felt the urge to draw any more.

    still even at this date, that morning feels fresh, like yesterday in some ways.
    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
    5:31 pm
    A Universe of Assholes. Part 1.
    Once again.. another short from "Star Wars Rebels" crosses my path, so I will share it with you all.

    It is just me, or are we looking at a universe full of assholes? No one is sympathetic All of them look like a bunch of dicks or hapless goobs. Unlike the earlier "Clone Wars" this show is utterly charmless.

    Also once again, A fellow artist, and much more Rabid Star Wars Fan's observation of "our hero" more than a little resembles Aladdin, with all of the tricks, and more than a little resemblance. Well now we know what Disney has done/is doing with the franchise.

    Friday, August 8th, 2014
    11:28 am
    Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
    9:56 pm
    Guardians of the Galaxy the best movie I have seen in at least two summers. It is adventurous, and has a lot of heart. Definitely worth full price.. maybe twice.
    Saturday, July 26th, 2014
    10:51 am
    At comic con
    ...actually at the Santa Fe station waiting for Francis H. To arrive on the green line from El Cajon. I will take pics and some notes while there, but Francis is bringing his pro gear for pictures. The movie premier was sparsely attended on Thursday night, but seemed well received by the fans. Hopefully Francis can get se networking done and that I can pic up the Captain America hoodie a friend gave meoney for at the Marvel booth. More later...
    5:52 am
    Heading to the San Diego Comic-con
    So after Thursday's Movie Showing, I return to San Diego by train this time to enjoy the con and the crush of bodies and the sensory overload. I am going to be the native guide for my friend Francis, who is attending this for the first time. Also because I am going a couple of friends plied me with money to purchase con exclusives. So...

    So, I am heading out and Will try to post a report within a day or two.

    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
    9:18 pm
    Comic Con 2014
    I have a one day pass.

    But tickets from LA's Union Station to San Diego Old Town are 92 dollars round trip. Ouch. I have one day, or part of a day to see the con. I am also going to be at the premier of a movie I helped with, the big Serenity fan film, "Browncoats: Independence War", directed by Francis Hamada.

    I will take photos and some video, but I do not know how much of the con I am going to see. But I'll keep folks updated. Wish me luck

    (Damn Amtrak is expensive though.. it would have been cheaper to drive.... if I still had a car.)
    Friday, June 6th, 2014
    10:41 pm
    70 Years ago today
    many years ago I had more energy than I do today. I would write long posts about D-Day sich as this

    It was something i studied, as well as the broader scope of WW2. in fact, when I oosted that, I had part of my savinga account and pension set aside to attend the 70 year anniversary of D-Day in Northwesstern France. Nikki Canotas helped me to save, but then in 2005 I was laid off, and over the next few years, consumed my 401K and retirement paying rent, until today where I am about penniless, and livbing in a single room, unemployed for three years, and underemployed for a decade.

    Still when you see stories like this, where 89, and 93 year old veterans leap out of 70, to 80 year old aircraft, there is a hint that one should not give up.

    In August of this year, we will start having the centenary observances of the calender of the First World War. we lost the last living WW1 Veterans a year or two ago. so it has passed from "living memory" and has become like the American Civil War, an event of pure history, and of books and still places. I like the face that the WW2 Vets are so far not going quietly.
    Thursday, April 17th, 2014
    8:35 pm
    the Big Five Oh.
    When I was born, JFK had been assassinated 5 months prior the previous November, the Soviets and the U.S. were still exploring near earth orbits, and The Beatles were starting their North American tour. it was the middle of the "Mad men" era, and the golden age of violence in children's TV . i was born on this date in 1964 for Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Ruggels, then of Palo Alto California, two Stanford Graduate students at the time, living on Clara St, just north of Louis Rd. I was born at Stanford Hospital, and was a beta tester for incubators, as I was a bit premature.

    a long ramble part autobiography, part roll call, under the cutCollapse )
    So today i am sitting in my mother's elegant house in Lindsborg, Kansas, having finished a nice birthday dinner at a local restaurant, enjoying this little town, and the more relaxed pace here. There are things I miss about Los Angeles, but if I got a decent job here i'd stay in Kansas. the weather is not good, but the people are nice, and the cost of living is a fraction of California. The politics here are also more agreeable to my sensibilities than California as well. honestly, California has it's charms, chiefly the weather, but the politics, and the increasing corruption make me amenable to relocating anywhere I can get a decent job, and keep my guns.

    I probably could have been more ambitious, and a lot wiser about things, but for fifty years i have indulged my creativity, and I have had fun with many friends along the way. Hopefully m,y situation will improve, and i half expect it to 6 months after the current office holder in the white house is gone but only time will tell. But looking back on the past, for me the most fun were my hobbies shared with friends, and the products of those times. so far it has been a happy Birthday. My apologies if i have left anyone out but this was typed in a long session at the keyboard after dinner. thank you all.

    --Scott A. H. Ruggels, April 17th, 2014. Lindsborg, Kansas
    Monday, April 14th, 2014
    9:32 am
    Go home, Kansas weather. You're drunk!
    Still in Kansas with Mom. On Saturday we walked over to the Lindsborg Arts Council gallery show, of art that people have collected. Lindsborg has a few minor art notables and is a very arts friendly town. The weather was 85a degrees and muggy, and after the show we went to the town library to cool off. On Sunday the temperatures started to plummet. In the afternoon Mom and I went to the Bethany Colledge Campus to listen to a program of excellent quality choral music, kicking off the Holy Week Music festivities. Big sounnd seeing a massed chorus of 150 people belting out Handel's Messiah. Big sound! Mom was enthralled. Upon leaving the show, it was icy with a fierce wind. This morning there was a couple of inches of snow covering the town. I got photos. I'll post them later. Tonight it's supposed to be clear and dropping into the high 20's, Tomorrow, it's supposed to get into the high 60's. So...yeah... no wonder "the weather" is such a common topic of conversation here in the midwest.

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    Friday, April 4th, 2014
    7:36 pm
    In Lindsborg Kansas
    Going to be putting Dad in the same plot as his parents and grandparents tomorrow. Relatives from all over Kansas will be there. Sad Times<

    I will be here for the rest of April Helping my mom work on their magnificent house. They bought it as their retirement project, and haven't gone for half measures on it. Mostly I will be doing grunt labor, but for mom's cooking, it's worth it.
    Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
    3:44 am
    R.I.P. David A. Trampier early AD&D Artist 1954 - 2014
    Oh I remember him. I was a D&D player since the three little brown book days (1976-77)m and I was galvanized by the AD&D books with the DAT and Errol Otis artwork. the Wormy Comic in Dragon, colored gorgeously with marker was a vavorite, and I remember the huge splash page of Salamoriah the shadow cat just blowing me away. Shortly after that strip he vanished. Rumors were of a religious conversion this being the days of being “Born again”, and the overt hostility by religious organizations to D&D, so it was understandable that he would vanish. I know friends that saved his art, and in later years D&D got some outstanding painters (and some duds) painting work for them, but I think the color comics that were printed of Wormy the dragon in Dragon Magazine (He almost became the unofficial mascot in the magazine), still mark those middle years of TSR. For those that never read it, Wormy was sort of a thuggish dragon, a toony deadpan snarker, a pool hustler, in the D&D world. The strips had a Sort of Vaugh Bode’ underground feel , but the art got better quickly, and blossomed into amazing psychedelia later on. Wprmy was another inspiration to do comics I had in High school, but I was never as good.

    From the Wikipedia entry it looked like he was about to come out of his seclusion and re-enter the convention circuit, but died two weeks before the con.
    Thursday, March 6th, 2014
    8:20 am
    I seemed to be logged in. I can post journals. I can read the articles on my friends page. I cannot however comment. There is a confusing array of menu items and logins, and none of any one else's comments are visible, let alone allowing me to comment. Something changed with Livejournal, and it isn't good. anyone else having problems? Anyone else have an explanation on how to fix this?
    Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
    6:01 am
    RIP Shirley Temple Black 1928 - 2014
    A Local (Bay Area) UHF station (common in the days before cable) used to run Shirley Temple Movies on sunday mornings, when i was a kid, and while they didn't replace cartoons they did replace the bad ones in my watching (as Sundays were a desert of news chat, and religious programming back then)and I would occasionally watch. Now I have never been a fan of musicals, but the song and dance numbers in her films and the "strange but Catchy" music would catch my attention. she was always so cheerful and sunny, and the tap dancing was fascinating (especially with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson). But of all her songs, I think this one became my favorite, and i would hum it on rainy days, because I did like the rain.

    Thanks for the entertainment.
    Tuesday, January 28th, 2014
    11:16 am
    Pete Seeger is dead...Yaaaaaay!
    My parents listened to folk music. My parent's extensive collection of LPs contained a lot of Folk music from Joan Baez to the Kingston Trio, and my Dad who was a pipe smoking intellectual straight out of Camelot, was precisely that demographic that elevated hobo songs to elite cultural status.. Me? I Haaaaaated folk music. I had an instinctual revulsion to the aesthetics of it, and still, to this day I dislike primarily vocal music with a small number of exceptions. But I also had a revulsion to the "sharing" aspect to it as well as the vague disrespect for status in it. In reading this morning on the death of Folk Singer Pete Seeger, who's early PBS singalongs were inflicted on me in my earliest school days in Seattle, I find out he was an unapologetic Communist. I also found out most of the "Working Class Balladeers" were also a bunch of Commies as well. That explains everything... I knew they were "darlings of the left" , but apologists for "Uncle Joe", and offering only weak tea, relativistic, apologies afterwards. The insincerity is obvious. I am glad the guy is dead.
    Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
    7:41 pm
    heading home tomorrow early
    Bad circumstanced to gather, but it was very nice to spend time with the family up here in Santa Rosa.

    Though because of events i will be heading to Kansas in the spring to help Mom work on the property there for a month. It will be about 20 years since I have been in Kansas.
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